British Dating Show Goes Viral Thanks To A Wild Ending That Even The Contestants Didn’t See Coming

British dating show love trap trapdoor

Channel 4

  • A British dating show went viral thanks to an unexpected ending that even caught the contestants off-guard
  • The clip from Love Trap made the rounds thanks to the unconventional way contestants are eliminated at the end of an episode
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It’s not exactly a secret that Netflix has experienced a pretty severe dropoff in its batting average when it comes to the critical success of its original programming, and while the plethora of dating shows that now litter the platform has played a significant role in that decline, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very here for most of them.

Sure, the series that features people sporting elaborate prosthetics while searching for a prospective partner may be the closest you can come to experiencing an acid trip gone wrong without actually taking any LSD, but as an unironic fan of Next, Room Raiders, and other trashy MTV dating shows of yesteryear, I’ve enjoyed the likes of Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind a bit more than I care to admit.

As a result, I’m pretty intrigued by a new British dating show called Love Trap that recently made its grand debut on Channel 4. The concept features the latest twist in the tried-and-true formula of “stick an attractive eligible bachelor in a mansion filled with women,” as the Resident Hot Dude is tasked with determining which of the contestants pretending to be on the market are actually already in a relationship and simply on the hunt for a cash prize.

However, the biggest twist came at the end of the first episode after our man David (who previously appeared on Too Hot To Handle) narrowed down his list of potential “traps” to three suspects. After spending a few minutes interrogating Elise, J’Harie, and Chloe, he ultimately pointed the finger at the woman in the middle of the trio, who was promptly eliminated from Love Trap via—what else?—a trapdoor.

While David and the remaining two contestants knew what was going to happen, they still weren’t adequately prepared for a moment that also produced some amazing reactions online.

I know plenty of people think the Prestige Television Era ended with the ending of Game of Thrones, but it might be time to rethink that conclusion.

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