Britney Spears Flaunts Extreme Pole Dancing Skills In A Bikini On New Video

Britney Spears

Toni Anne Barson/Getty Image

Pop sensation Britney Spears has taken to social media to showcase her newfound pole dancing prowess.

In a recent Instagram video, the singer can be seen confidently donning a revealing bikini while demonstrating her moves on a compact black stage with an integrated stripper pole, identified as the “X-Pole.”

Accompanied by the fitting soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer,” Spears energetically dances and maneuvers around the pole, exhibiting a level of skill that suggests she might be a natural at this art form.

In the caption, she revealed that she had acquired the pole just two days prior and that the video captured her very first session using it.

“Got this pole two days ago and last night was my first time on it!!!”

The choice of the song, “Closer,” is not only appropriate in rhythm but also adds a playful edge to the video, as Spears playfully engages with the camera, showcasing her enthusiasm for her new hobby.

The video has garnered over 530,000 views in less than 20 hours, with fans and followers praising her fearless attitude and applauding her agility on the pole.

Britney Spears has been using her social media platform to share glimpses of her life and journey, allowing her supporters to witness her personal growth and aspirations.

It appears pole dancing is the latest part of her adventurous life.