Dude Asking For Free Birthday Drinks On Social Media Is Not Amused By What People Send Him

by 1 year ago

The first rule of free birthday drinks is you DO NOT ask for them. If someone hears it’s your birthday and they choose to buy you a beer or a shot, so be it. You don’t advertise ‘Hey Y’all, it’s my birthday and all you f**kers out there need to come buy me drinks’. When you start asking for things to be given to you for free, that’s when things go downhill quickly.

This bro named Nick from the UK was celebrating his birthday at the pub and tossing back a few lagers with his fellow chaps when things went sideways in a hurry. Nick’s friend Rory Meep put out a call on social media for people to send free drinks for Nick’s birthday, which was a poor judgment call on Rory’s part. What happened next was hilarious, and here’s how it all went down:

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