Tattoo Shop In Brooklyn Lets You Practice Tattooing Designs On Melons While Drinking

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The complicated thing about tattoos is that they’re as permanent as it gets. You can’t just slap some ink on someone and say ‘whoops, I don’t like that line. Let’s start over!’ If you’re an aspiring tattoo artist there are ways to practice that include pig skin workbooks and other materials meant to mimic human skin, but all of the options are pretty expensive if you want to get the ‘real feel’ of skin.

How does a person who isn’t necessarily serious about becoming a tattoo artist but wants to see if they’re any good at it even practice? They improvise by tattooing on items like melons and other curved surfaces that might at least mimic that contours of the body if not the feel. There’s a workshop in Brooklyn, Forever Ink Bar, where patrons can pay $17 to use their tattoo guns and tattoo freestyle designs or stencils onto melons all while drinking cocktails. INSIDER went to the bar to see how it works:

Given that this is Brooklyn I think this concept needs to be taken one step further. Why make it a bar when you can make this a kid’s workshop? Let’s get some children in there tattooing pumpkins for Halloween while the adults get sloshed on cocktails. This sounds like the perfect October/Fall activity for Brooklyn Heights parents.

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