New Brown Trout World Record Weighs 44.3-Pounds And Is So Big It Looks Fake

Brown Trout World Record 44 Pounds IGFA New Zealand


  • The IGFA has certified a new Brown Trout World Record after the fish was caught last Fall in New Zealand
  • The enormous Brown Trout was caught in New Zealand by a small town angler who wished to remain mostly anonymous
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I can count the number of big Brown Trout I’ve caught in my lifetime on one hand. And it’s because that number is zero. I’ve literally never caught a Big Brown but seeing this new Brown Trout World Record has renewed a passion in me to go chase after one this Summer.

The angler was initially known simply as ‘Seamus from Turgani’ but now that the IGFA has certified his Brown Trout world record the full name has been revealed. Seamus Petrie caught the 20.10 kg (44 lb 5 oz) Brown Trout while fishing the Ohau Canal, Twizel, New Zealand on October 27th, 2020.

An article in the Otago Daily Times detailed how amazing the catch was.

This bloke caught the single heaviest Brown Trout ever and then tossed his pending world record on ice. After that, he brought his fish to the Razza Bar and Bistro in Twizel where he donated the world record Brown Trout to the bar and is having it taxidermied to hang on the wall.

Having a fish I caught hanging on the wall at a bar is a life goal of mine. My great uncle had a few hanging at a local watering hole and I’d love to follow in his footsteps.

It took over six months but The International Game Fish Association has certified this as a new world record Brown Trout. Interestingly, the IGFA keeps two all-tackle fishing world records for Brown Trout. One is this (overall weight) and another is length. The longest Brown Trout ever caught was a fish measuring 97.0 cm caught in Milwaukee Harbor, Wisconsin, USA back in 2011. Check this monster fish out:

There are also A LOT of vacant fishing world records for Brown Trout in the lady angler categories. The 12 through 80-pound line class records are vacant for women anglers. You can search through all of those records on the IGFA website.