Burger King To Offer 100 Nuggets For $10 With FREE Delivery In 3 Cities

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If you’ve never had fast food delivered then you haven’t lived. My first experience of getting greasy fast food delivered was ordering two 20-piece Chicken McNuggets and some fries while I was gravely hungover studying abroad in Panama City, Panama.

Did I later feel good about my decision to have 40 McNuggets delivered because I was too hungover to get out of bed? No, I didn’t. Did those nugs cure my extreme hangover? Also no. But it was dirt cheap and I needed to eat.

‘How many chicken nuggets is too many?’ This is a question pondered by many, myself included. It’s an eating challenge we often see competitive eaters attempt on YouTube. Soon, a lot of Americans will be able to answer this question for themselves when Burger King rolls out 100 nuggets for just $10. You can also get 10 nuggets for $1 at participating Burger King locations.

First off, that $.10 per nugget. They’re legitimately giving these nugs away. Secondly, the 100 nuggets for $10 will come with FREE DELIVERY via Postmates when people use the code ‘NUGGS’ at checkout. This sounds like a glorious recipe for disaster.

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So what’s the catch? This 100 Burger King Nuggets for $10 w/ free delivery is only being offered for 4 days and in 3 cities across America. This promo also started yestserday and I missed the memo on this, so anyone reading this article will actually only be able to score 100 nugs for $10 and free delivery for today and the next two days.

The cities include Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Los Angeles. There’s a limit of one order per customer and you’ll need to use the ‘NUGGS’ promo code at checkout on Postmates in order to score the free delivery. If you miss out on delivery you can still score the 10 nuggets for $1 promo at participating locations.

This sounds dangerous, and frankly, I’m glad that this offer isn’t available in my hometown or I’d be ordering 100 Burger King chicken nuggets as we speak. (h/t foodandwine)

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