Internet Rallies Behind Burger King Employee Who Worked 27 Years Without Using A Sick Day

Burger King sign

iStockphoto / Manuel Milan

Kevin Ford has been a loyal Burger King employee for 27 years and hasn’t ever taken a sick day since starting his job back in the 1990s.

Last year, as a thank you for working close to three decades without taking a single sick day, Burger King management presented Kevin Ford with a goodie bag containing a coffee mug, a single movie ticket, and some candy. 20 years and he got some candy as a thank you!

In the past week, the Internet has learned about Kevin’s story and has rallied around him to change his life. A GoFundMe was created in his honor and over $436K has already been raised.

Since his story went viral, Ford has appeared on Good Morning America and has been able to travel to visit his grandchildren for his own birthday, all of which he’s been documenting on his TikTok channel that’s since gone viral.


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Here’s Ford touching down in Austin to visit his family, a trip that was entirely made possible by the Internet rallying behind his story:


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This was the ‘goodie bag’ he was presented with last year for 27+ years of service without using a sick day:


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The GoFundMe was created by his daughter, Seryna, and the initial purpose was just to raise funds for him to visit his grandkids for his birthday. After reaching that initial goal, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised. Over 14,400 people have made donations after hearing about his story.

Donations continue to roll in as more and more people here about his story. His ability to work tirelessly without taking a sick day is something that’s inspired a lot of folks.