Get To Know The Call Of Duty League Teams, Which You Can Watch Duke It Out Live On YouTube Starting April 10

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While nearly all live sporting events are on hold because of the global pandemic, the Call of Duty has been able to return with an online format and broadcast structure. So get ready to see the world’s best Call of Duty players turn up the dial to 100 with some intense and competitive action.

The Call of Duty League kicks off Friday, April 10 at 4 p.m. ET on YouTube Gaming as eight teams battle for the tournament title at the Dallas Empire Home Series. It’s sure to be unpredictable and wild.


For those looking to scratch their live sports itch, the Call of Duty League is your way of doing just that, bringing fierce competitors from all over the world together for a chance to claim the top prize. The nine remaining regular season Call of Duty League events will be played Friday to Sunday, and will start at the same time each day (Fridays at 4 p.m. ET, Saturdays at 1 p.m. ET, and Sundays at 4 p.m. ET), you can set a reminder to tune in.

The Call of Duty League is a global affair — with 12 professional teams representing 11 different cities across both North America and Europe — so this is a great time to pick a favorite team and enjoy world class esports competition. Find out more about the schedule and each competing team below.



Atlanta FaZe

The Atlanta FaZe team features the instantly recognizable red, black, and white colors of FaZe Clan. Designed by FaZe Clan’s Tommy “Temperrr” Olivera, the logo design pays homage to Atlanta’s rich culture while also crediting AEV’s progressive esports advancements in the state.

Our carefully curated team provides the full package with a roster of focused, adaptive players and a championship-winning coaching staff. The Atlanta FaZe comes to the League with the experience and ability to be fierce competition as well as a dominating force in the global gaming industry.

Chicago Huntsmen

We’ve always been on the hunt for glory, but to make it, we’ve had to out hustle everyone. No rest, no days off, always another mountain to climb.

Like the land we come from, we are ready for anything; rain, wind, sun or snow we’ve been through it all and have the scars to prove it. The Huntsmen are more than just the biggest names in the game. The Huntsmen are tenacious. The Huntsmen are champions.

Dallas Empire

Born and raised in Texas, Dallas Empire owner Mike Rufail grew up reciting the Texas State Song. History buffs may recognize the symbolism in the team’s name derived from the lyrics, “O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.”

Empire also embodies the legacy that its parent organization Envy has built since entering the competitive Call of Duty scene in 2007. Envy achieved phenomenal success, including the most World Championship Grand Finals appearances of any Call of Duty esports team.

Florida Mutineers

Inspired by Florida’s seafaring tales of yore and the strength of Floridians in the modern era, the Florida Mutineers are relentless, unapologetic, and take no prisoners on our path to triumph.

We live, play, and fight by the Mutineers Code – a charter of rules that expresses our solidarity, our rebellious fire for victory, and the cutthroat consequences for breaking our code. Our logo features the Kraken, a legendary monster of the deep that represents the danger and mystery of the nautical life.

London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens represent England. Our Managing Director, Michael O’Dell (ODEE), is a veteran in the Esports world, with strong ties within London and the UK. In addition to ODEE’s representation, every region of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Ireland is represented through our players and entire coaching staff.

Our home region is known for their pride and their extreme enthusiasm for the Call of Duty game franchise and the esports industry. When they cheer for the home team, we know they will be proud.

Los Angeles Guerillas

In Los Angeles, the rivalries are fierce and the Guerrillas are ready to fight their way to the top of the League, dominating one team after another on their path towards victory.

With a legendary roster as old as Call of Duty esports itself, Guerrillas may be new, but the talent isn’t.

The team’s vibrant purple and black motif brings together fans from the Los Angeles Gladiators and sets an aggressive tone for competition.


Minnesota Røkkr

The Minnesota Røkkr is your new Call of Duty League team.

Røkkr is an old Norse word for “twilight” — the moment between day and night when the last light fades beyond the horizon — commonly associated with Ragnarøkkr (Ragnarok), the end of the world or “Twilight of the Gods” in Norse mythology.

Inspired by these legends, our modern day Røkkr is a team of chosen warriors forged in the fierce climate of the true North. As darkness falls, the Minnesota Røkkr emerge. By morning they are the last ones standing.

New York Subliners

Inspired by the dazzle camouflage on warships, our logo draws from bold contrasting colors and lines that intersect each other. Being visually loud draws more attention than it deflects, but at high speeds, it disorients opponents and distorts their perception. Our logo is a weapon and a provocation; a crosshair and a moving target. It is always active, moving with speed and precision to confuse – not conceal.

Grounding the logo is our stenciled wordmark, an urban interpretation of lettering stretching from war zones to construction zones. Our team colors feature a dominant yellow that can’t be missed and acts as both a warning and an invitation.

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles is one of the first twelve teams to compete in the Call of Duty League. OpTic Gaming is owned and operated by Immortals Gaming Club, a global esports and gaming organization with teams in all major franchise leagues.

The roster features a mix of top veteran players paired with some of the game’s best young talent, creating a team that fans around the globe can get excited to cheer for.

Paris Legion

Paris, the cradle of so many historical movements and human adventures, is now home to the Paris Legion! Defenders of liberty and innovation have always found refuge in Paris. We will be worthy of our city’s traditions: fighting, conquest, and fraternity.

We are at the beginning of a grand adventure. Inspired by the city of light, our team brings together forces from all over the globe. Together, we fear no one. We do not cower from any challenge.

Seattle Surge

The Surge identity has been developed to highlight the team’s connection to the Pacific Northwest, emphasizing on the area’s natural surroundings. Also known as a powerful and advancing movement, the word ‘Surge’ provides an imposing, intimidating team name off which the brand will be based.

The colors feature Midnight Blue (primary) and Pacific Blue (secondary), accented by Electric Turquoise and Grey. The colorway is representative of the area’s temperamental weather and its proximity to the rugged Pacific Ocean.

Toronto Ultra

We’re Ultra, and like Toronto, we love that what we mean is whatever you represent. Proud, humble, smooth, or loud — whatever you are, Ultra is just the beginning of it. You fill in the rest.

Our logo is a representation of just that. We’re bringing Bellwoods’ White Squirrel to the world’s view. To us — it’s a show of our cities character. A symbol that even the smallest parts of what make us who we are, are worth celebrating.

Cementing our spirit — our bright colors and bold wordmark are anything but dull. But then, we’ve never looked to blend in — we’re more than happy to stand out, and stand tall.


You can see more details about the Call of Duty League in the video below.


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