Hero We Don’t Deserve Fills Potholes In Exchange For Weed

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Governments are not exactly known for efficient spending as we saw the Pentagon buy a $9,341 Wexford leather club chair and U.S. government spent $4.6 million on lobster and crab last year. One noble soul has taken it upon himself to carry out the responsibilities of the government and the only thing he asks in return for his altruistic efforts is some weed. It is true, not all heroes wear capes.

John McCue is a true prince among men. The 22-year-old champion of the people was highly discouraged when he was driving with his mother and their car hit a massive pothole that jarred their automobile. McCue hit the deep pothole in his hometown of Stellarton, Nova Scotia in Canada.

“There was one story a couple of weeks ago where a car was driving through and it nailed one of the biggest potholes here and it ripped the axle right off the car,” McCue told the CBC.

The angel-like McCue started to fill the dangerous potholes by himself. While he made the streets safe for transportation, McCue had a sign that said: “I filled the potholes pay me instead of your taxes.” Truer words have never been spoken. Soon, some of the 4,000 inhabitants of the Canadian town started giving McCue money.

Some people gave McCue money, some contributed coffee, and some donated weed. “Yep, I’m getting definitely a lot of tips — I had a couple of people give me some joints, too, which is pretty nice,” he said on Tuesday.

Honest pay for honest work.

McCue honestly admitted that he would use some of the pothole money for living expenses, but added that he would also reward himself for his hard work. “I’m probably going to buy some weed with it, not going to lie,” McCue said.

Fair wages for fair work.

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But now that John McCue has made a mockery of the local government that can’t fill a few potholes, they are upset at him for improving society. Local authorities accuse McCue of impeding traffic and putting himself in danger.

“I’ve hitchhiked for years and I’ve been around highways with much faster cars going much closer,” McCue rebutted. “I know how to be safe around a vehicle in motion.”

“I did have the town police come,” McCue said. “The RCMP came and the Department of Transportation came. They kind of threatened me with charges.”

This? This is the thanks a hero gets for doing the right thing? If John McCue is wrong then I don’t want to be right.


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