Candace Owens Threatens To Sue Cardi B After Twitter Beef Over WAP Grammys Performance Goes Off The Rails

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Candance Owens and Cardi B are currently duking it out over on Twitter and things are getting real ugly.

On Monday night, Owens appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and bashed Cardi over her WAP performance at the Grammys

“I agree with you 100 percent in the assessment that this feels more sinister. This is starting to me to seem like it’s not even left or right, it’s not a political issue. This seems like an attack on American values, American traditions, and you’re actually actively trying to make children aspire to things that are grotesque,: “We are celebrating perversity in America.”

Cardi saw Candace’s appearance on Fox News and thanked her for giving her free publicity.

Cardi and Candace then began arguing about why it was okay for Melania Trump to not being questioned about her nudes but Cardi is criticized for dancing.

Then the two started taking jabs at each other’s marriage.

Cardi B then shared a tweet in which Owens supposedly said her husband cheated on her with her boyfriend. Candace claims the tweet is photoshopped and is threatening to sue Cardi B for slander.

Update Now Cardi is threatening to sue Candace.