Usher, Alice Cooper, And Fallout Boy Get Eviscerated In Celebrities Read Mean Tweets ‘Music Edition #4’

by 12 months ago
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

YouTube / Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel gets thousands of celebrities on his show every year as guests. 2 to 3 celebrity guests + musical act per night, 5 nights a week for 48-50 weeks a year, it all adds up. It’s precisely because Jimmy has access to so many celebrities he was able to launch ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets‘, one of his most successful recurring sketches.

Kimmel just released ‘Mean Tweets — Music Edition #4′ last night and it’s got Green Day, Fallout Boy, Pink, Common, Alice Cooper, Usher, and more. Anytime Jimmy Kimmel drops a ‘Mean Tweets’ video I’m inclined to say ‘this is the BEST one yet’ but I really feel that way with Music Edition #4. I think Kimmel’s team has perfected the art of finding shitty tweets about musicians and then pairing it with musicians who are at least willing to laugh at themselves:

Something I’ve never taken the time to look into but that I’ve also been curious about is whether or not the people who send out these tweets ever get harassed on Twitter after they appear on ‘Mean Tweets’. You could pop over to Twitter right now (find me at @casspa) and send out a tweet shitting on Jaden Smith or Justine Beaver and you’d see bot trolls responding within minutes. The music fans and bots are relentless. So are they looking up the people who trashed their favorite musicians on Jimmy Kimmel Live or are these tweets living in a vacuum? Anyone know?

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