Celebs Read Ridiculous Texts From Their Moms In Honor Of Mother’s Day And LOL, Moms Are The Best

celebs read texts from mom

Jimmy Kimmel Live

In case you’ve forgotten or haven’t heard yet, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday (May 13). You’ve still got plenty of time to hit the florist and buy some flowers for mom, or pop on down to Target and get mom a gift card because if we’re being honest you really don’t know what mom does at Target every day, what she’s shopping for, what she needs or wants. You just know that she somehow manages to shop at Target five days a week so a gift card is your safest play.

Anyway, as a special Mother’s Day treat on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Jimmy got a bunch of celebrities to read ridiculous text messages from their moms on camera. Here’s Anna Faris, Ike Barinholtz, Jack McBrayer, Adam Scott, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Patton Oswalt, Will Forte, YG, and Anthony Anderson all busting out their smartphones to read real text messages from mom in a reminder that it’s not just your mom, all moms are crazy, but moms are also the best:

Dude, what’s with moms always texting about Costco? Anna Faris’s mom somehow managed to slip in a plug about Costco in her 3:30am text. Presumably, her parents live on the East Coast and she obviously lives in LA. Moms also don’t understand time zones. The only time zone that exists is the one that mom lives in. Moms are the best.