The Way Comedian Chelsea Peretti Eats Cake Is Unholy And The Internet Justifiably Roasted Her

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Getty Image / Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer

On Saturday, comedian Chelsea Peretti posted a photo of how she eats cake on Instagram and it quickly went viral because she consumes her dessert like a sociopath. Peretti purposely eats around the sweet and creamy icing and only eats the bland, dry cake. Peretti, who plays Gina on the NBC show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, posted her sacrilegious confection consumption on Instagram. Which is rather odd that someone would advertise that they have a mental disorder on their social media accounts.

On the Instagram post that had nearly 80,000 Likes, Peretti captioned the photo: “This is hot I eat cake. Not that into frosting.” The freakish cake-eating technique then blew up on Twitter.

Fellow comedian Bert “The Machine” Kreischer had a stern, but fair way to deal with Peretti’s unorthodox cake-eating ways.

One Twitter perfectly analyzed the disturbing situation and recommended that crackpots who don’t want icing on their cake should just eat a dumb, dry, uninspiring muffin.

The internet then justifiably roasted Peretti for her obviously bad cake take.

It a surprise twist, it turns out that there are other humans who eat cherish cake in this iniquitous manner including Padma Lakshmi, who you would expect better culinary rationale since she is the host of the TV cooking show Top Chef.

If cake without delectable icing is so delicious then why do they not sell unfrosted cakes everywhere? This is as stupid as spicy cake.