The River In Chicago Was Dyed So Green People Could Photoshop Anything They Wanted On Top And It Was Awesome

Chicago river dyed green for St. Patrick's Day 2019

Getty Image / Raymond Boyd

As I’m sure everyone knows, this past Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day and that means there were celebrations in every city across America from parades to pub crawls to corned beef feasts and everything in between.

It’s a tradition in Chicago to dye the river green for St. Patrick’s Day and they don’t just turn the river a slight shade of green, they dump enough dye in there to turn that thing the brightest shade of green imaginable. It’s SO GREEN that it’s actually more/lighter green than some of the green screens at news stations that weathermen use with graphics superimposed on the background.

After people started tweeting videos of *how green* the river in Chicago was, a few skilled video artists realized they could use the river as a green screen and pretty much put anything they wanted on top of the water. Twitter had a field day with the footage, let’s check it out…

It started with a few clips like this:

People noticed the green screen connection:

This user swooped in with the first photoshop:

Then Parker Molloy and others started sharing their own edits including this glorious one of the 1997 Chicago Bulls starting lineup:

And the Avengers: Endgame trailer:

It’s never occurred to me until right now that this is also possible with soccer (and football) games:

Why aren’t more people doing this with NFL games? The footage exists. The fields are green. Why aren’t we making this happen?

(h/t Twitter Moments)