This Chicken Wing Joint Has The Most Bizarre Pricing And It Has The Internet Shook

Usually, when you order wings from a restaurant they come in a variety of quantities such as a half a dozen, a dozen, 20, or even 50. That’s because people are not intelligent enough to know how many chicken wings they actually want and need to be told what denomination to narrow down their needs. However, one chicken wing purveyor in Philadelphia offers a massive chicken wing menu that has bewildered the internet.

Danny’s Wok, a Chinese restaurant in Philly, has a very intricate pricing structure on their chicken wings. The extremely detailed chicken wing menu offers flexibility to order nearly as many or as least amount of wings as your belly desires. Twitter user Sean Woodall noticed the unusual wing pricing.

Normally, whenever you buy ANYTHING at a higher bulk you receive a discount. Not the wings at Danny’s Wok though. Four wings cost $4.55, which is $1.1375 a wing. So, five wings should be at least $5.6875, but they’re actually more expensive at $5.70. No Costco pricing here. Six wings are $6.80, a cost of $1.10 per wing, and seven wings cost $7.95, or a fee of $1.15 per wing. Danny is just fucking with us now, isn’t he?

The tweet went viral and has been retweeted nearly 6,000 times and Liked over 21,000 times. The mysterious pricing had the internet shook. Suddenly, Twitter erupted in hilarious and quizzical responses to the wing pricing and even busted out their Texas Instruments TI-84 calculators in an attempt to make mathematical sense and equations of the bizarre pricing.

Also, after 50 wings it begins in denominations of 10 wings, except it offers “75” wings. WTF?!?!? Why would you mess with OCD people like this?

You can order as little as four wings, but sadly you still can’t order ONE, single, lonely chicken wing.

One order of wings.

No, no… no, no… one wing.

One. Wing.

I sure am hungry.

Uhhhh, make that… one… wing… to go.

One wing?

One wing.


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