Former Eagles Safety Chris Maragos Wins 4x His Career NFL Earnings In Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Chris Margos Philadelphia Eagles

Getty Image / Alex Goodlett

Former Philadelphia Eagles safety Chris Maragos only made a little over $10 million during his 9 seasons with the NFL. He was just awarded over 4-times that amount after winning a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Chris Maragos tore his posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) during the 2017 NFL season, the last time the Eagles made a run to the Super Bowl (and won it all). He underwent surgery in 2017 and it was later discovered his knee did not heal correctly but “he was still given the go-ahead for rehabilitation” according to the Post.

The attorney for Chris Maragos, Dion Rassias, argued the two doctors “hastily advanced [the safety]s activities” which led Maragos to “a path of pain, suffering, immobility and several future knee replacements.”

Maragos would later sue Dr. James Bradley and Rothman Orthopaedics for medical malpractice and he has now been awarded $43.5 million, or more than four times the amount he earned playing in the NFL over 9 seasons.

A press release announced Maragos’ lawsuit victory. According to the Philly Enquirer, Dr. James Bradley will now pay Maragos $29.2 million and Rothman Orthopaedics will pay $14.3 million.

Maragos blocked this punt against Tom Brady’s New England Patriots that was returned for a touchdown:

Maragos was released by the Eagles in February 2019 and retired from the NFL in July 2019. The PCL injury and subsequent damage appeared to be the catalyst that ended his career as a professional athlete.

I’ve torn ligaments in my knee twice and get this… The orthos *never* advised me on rehab/PT. Not once. They just ushered me back out there into the world after surgery and a knee immobilizer for 6 weeks. I wish I would’ve known to question the process like Chris Maragos did.