Chris Rock’s First Stand-Up Jokes About Will Smith Have Leaked Ahead Of Saturday’s Netflix Special

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On Saturday, March 4, Netflix will air its first-ever live event as they stream a Chris Rock stand-up comedy show, titled Chris Rock: Selective Outrage.

Given that it’s Rock’s first major stand-up since last year’s infamous Academy Awards slap, many fans have been expecting the famed comedian to finally address the incident at length. And it appears as though Rock is not going to disappoint.

According to reports, Rock has been cracking some Will Smith jokes at recent shows, with the below example being named as one that could pop up during the Netflix stream

“The other day, I watched ‘Emancipation’ just so I could watch him getting whipped.”

“The thing people wanna know … did it hurt? Hell yeah it hurt. He played Muhammad Ali! I played Pookie (in ‘New Jack City’). Even in animated movies I’m a zebra, he’s a f—ing shark. I got hit so hard, I heard ‘Summertime’ ringing in my ears.”

“Will Smith is a big dude. I am not. Will Smith is shirtless in his movies. If you see me in a movie getting open heart surgery, I’m gonna have a sweater on.” [via The Huffington Post]

Even without being able to hear the joke for yourself (yet), it just *reads* like a Chris Rock joke, which bodes well for the quality upcoming stand-up.

As for Smith, he’s also begun to creep his way back into the spotlight, as he’s been making more public appearances and posting on social media more often in recent weeks. While the Oscar winner doesn’t have any films scheduled to release this year, he did recently sign on to star in an I Am Legend sequel alongside Michael B. Jordan.

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