Coconut Water Company Applauded By The Internet For Offering To Send Urine To Twitter Troll

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Coconut water

It takes a lot to get noticed on Twitter. It’s difficult to garner any positive attention when there is a constant spewing of negativity like the river of psychomagnotheric slime in Ghostbusters 2. But one coconut water company was able to break through with a viral tweet with some quick-thinking and a very full bladder.

A Twitter user was giving a very typical “unpopular opinions” post with milquetoast greivances about candy corn, Beatles and Britney Spears. The user also had a “hot take” that “coconut water is disgusting. Even if it is from a baby coconut.” This opinion irked the social media manager for Vita Coco since that refreshing cloudy water is what pays her bills. So she sounded off with a reply that “there is such a thing as too many eggs” because the Twitter account joked that they were an “owner of an all you can eat egg restaurant” in their bio.

That started a Twitter beef. But Vita Coco attempted to squash the ill feelings by offering some of their coconut water, but the anti-coconut water guy wasn’t having it. “F*ck that. Save that nasty sh*t for someone else. I would rather drink your social media persons piss than coconut water,” said the Twitter troll.

That’s when Vita Coco politely obliged and even offered to ship some freshly urinated pee. Suddenly, R. Kelly wants to be Vita Coco’s official spokesperson.

The photo of the jug of urine has over 13,000 Likes after only a few hours. It literally took a jug of piss to turn heads on Twitter. Next time you have a drug test for a new job that you might not pass, simply insult Vita Coco on Twitter and get ready to get a fresh shipment of urine shipped to your home to fill up your Whizzinator.

Thank goodness that the Vita Coco employee had such a large jug for her urine, I mean that appears to be way more than a six-pack of beer bottles worth of piss.

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