Man Attacked By Mountain Lion After Being Ambushed In Hot Tub During Colorado Vacation

mountain lion


Colorado is an incredibly popular vacation destination for reasons that should be pretty obvious if you’ve ever gotten the chance to spend a few days unwinding in the state.

The thriving beer scene and legal weed are just two factors that give Colorado a leg-up on the rest of the competition, but it’s also a skiing and snowboarding mecca thanks to the mountainous terrain that comprises a solid chunk of its gorgeous landscape.

Most people who make the trek to Colorado will take advantage of its various natural wonders at some point during the trip.

With that said, anyone who decides to tackle one of its many “Fourteeners” or take in the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park needs to be fairly alert of the many wild animals that have the potential to make your vacation take a turn for the worse.

There’s certainly no shortage of threats you can encounter thanks to the rattlesnakes, bears, coyotes, and occasionally temperamental elk that frequently take exception to humans intruding on their turf. However, as one man recently learned the hard way, you don’t need to be out in the remote wilderness to fall victim to an attack.

According to The Denver Post, a couple that rented a house in Chaffee County while vacationing around 100 miles west of Colorado Springs saw their getaway tarnished when their hot tub session was derailed by a mountain lion who attacked the husband over the weekend.

Police say the man in question “felt something grab his head” before discovering the “something” in question was the mountain lion his wife successfully warded off by splashing water and shining a flashlight at the animal.

The man was treated for minor injuries in the wake of the first recorded mountain lion attack in the state since last February, and wildlife officials have set up a trap in the hopes of capturing the culprit.

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