Family Surprises Color Blind Dad On His 66th Birthday With Glasses So He Can See Color For The First Time

by 2 years ago

ALL ABOARD THE FEELS TRAIN!!! This family surprised their color blind dad who also happens to be a bodybuilder with EnChroma glasses for his 66th birthday. Dad has been living all 66 years of his life only able to see black and white after being born with a rare type of color blindness.

These revolutionary EnChroma glasses were first released back in 2012, and while they don’t cure color blindness they do allow color blind individuals to see a regular spectrum of colors. So, for dad’s 66th birthday the family pitched in and purchased him a pair of these EnChroma glasses and filmed as he saw colors for the first time in his life.

I must have seen at least 10 of these ‘person sees color for the first time using EnChroma glasses’ videos by now, and they still sucker punch me in the feels every time. The overwhelming emotion of being able to truly see the world for the first time, it’s an incredible moment to be able to witness.

If you are curious about how these EnChroma glasses work for color blindness you can find this informative article on Technology Review that was written in June of last year. (h/t reddit’s r/videos)

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