Guy Does Stand Up Comedy While Tripping On Mushrooms And He Actually Kills It

So the premise here is that there’s a stand-up comedy show in Seattle called ‘The Gateway Show’ where each of the comics does two sets. They come out and do one sober. Then they go smoke a ton of weed and come back for a second set. According to the description of this video, the comic here is a functional stoner and was worried that he’d have to smoke an astronomical amount of weed because his tolerance is so high. So, he instead opted to eat mushrooms and have those kick in just in time for his second set.

Here we get to see Mike Masilotti doing a full stand up set while tripping his face off, and he actually manages to kill it. If you’ve ever tripped on ‘shrooms or had a conversation with someone who is tripping their balls off, you’re aware of how hard it is to get a single coherent thought out of your mouth when peaking let alone say anything profound whatsoever. Somehow, even while tripping his face off Mike managed to get this out, and based on the Reddit comments this seems to be a joke that’s resonating with a lot of people on the Internet:

“I’m fucked up for the rest of the night. I don’t think my life through, y’know what I’m saying? I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow. I hope it’s nothing… Now it’s nothing. Whatever it was, it’s nothing now.”

I think the thing I enjoy about this is how you see comedy isn’t all about jokes. Sure, that’s a large facet of it, but it’s also the art of storytelling. You can be a great storyteller even when you’re tripping balls, and that’s what we’re seeing here, a dude who knows how to handle the stage even when his life is moving at 350 mph around him. (h/t r/videos)