Guy Shares Hilarious Contact List His Wife Made For Daughter If She ‘F’s Up’ While They’re Away

Guy Shares Contact List Wife Made Daughter If She F---s Up


Parents are always a little leery of leaving their kids home alone for extended periods of time, regardless of how old or responsible they are because this unfettered, limited time freedom has been known on occasion to lead to trouble.

How parents handle situations like this obviously vary from one family to another, but one mom appears to have got it all figured out.

TikTok user @korish1975, the mom’s husband and father of their daughter who is about to be left home alone, recently shared a list of emergency contacts his wife made for their daughter in case, as she puts it right there on the list, multiple times, their daughter “f–ks up.”

Notably missing among the names and numbers on the list that the daughter should call are (1) dad, and (2) mom.

“Came home from work to see my wife made our kid who is home from college a list of who to call when we are on vacation,” dad notes on the TikTok video.

“Who ya gonna call?” he adds. “NOT US.” Something that is made very clear by the mom with her list.

Some examples…

“If you think you f–ked up, but you aren’t sure if we will care… call Theresa.”

“If you know you f–ked up and you need help covering it up… call Caroline.”

“If you f–ked up and you’re in jail… call Holden.”

Most entries on the list have backup people to call, but on every single one of them, right there at the end in big, bold red letters are the words, “NOT US.”

It even has a contact for if their daughter misses the dogs. Those emergency contacts are “Instagram, TikTok,” and once again, “NOT US.”

No wonder this TikTok video has been viewed almost 3 million times. It’s perfect.

“If you haven’t told your wife how incredible she is… go run and do that now,” correctly commented one viewer.

Also, after watching the video and seeing the contact list, almost everyone who read it now is 100% fully invested and desperately needs to know more about this family, as well as Derrick, Holden, Sarah, Caroline, and all of the rest of the names on the list.


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