How Much It Costs To Party In 13 Cities Around The World In 2018 – Moscow Might Be Where To Go

Looking to get your international party on? Swiss bank UBS calculated cheapest and most expensive cities around the world to get your party on.

If you’re counting your pennies and trying to maximize your humble party funds then you’re going to want to hit up Mexico City where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. For a mere $20.35, you’ll be able to buy a taxi ride, a McDonald’s Big Mac, entry to a club, and two long drinks. While Mexico is dirt cheap, it is also home to four of the top ten most dangerous cities in the world. So maybe upgrade your budget by a few bucks and head to Moscow where you can party it up for only $26.56.

But if you’ve got the cash money, by all means, go for the gusto and let loose in Zurich, Switzerland where it will cost $93.79 to party. The United States was some of the priciest cities to turn up where a night on the town in Miami costs $87.18 and $78.44 in New York City.

UBS also examined the average cost of a date night in these metropolitan areas. Definitely take your sweetheart to Mexico City for Valentine’s Day because dinner, drinks, and a movie only cost $84.82. That’s a straight-up steal compared to being taken to the cleaners in Tokyo, Japan where it will cost $200.17 for date night.

Here are the cheapest and most expensive cities around the world for a night on the town.

13. Zurich, Switzerland — $93.79
12. Miami, USA — $87.18
11. Stockholm, Sweden — $86.97
10. New York, USA — $78.44
9. Barcelona, Spain — $65.01
8. Sydney, Australia — $62.78
7. Hong Kong, China — $62.33
6. Paris, France — $60.84
5. Tokyo, Japan — $58.04
4. Prague, Czech Republic — $46.29
3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — $44.07
2. Moscow, Russia — $26.56
1. Mexico City, Mexico — $20.35

Zurich, why are you so bougie AF?