Court Blocks Lil Nas X From Selling ‘Satan Shoes’ After Nike Filed Lawsuit Amid Backlash

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It appears that no one will be able to buy Lil Nas X’s infamous “Satan Shoes” for the time being.

Last week the “Old Town Road” rapper went viral when he announced the release of custom Nike Air Max 97 in partnership with MSCHF that featured demonic imagery and “a drop of human blood” to promote the highly controversial music video Montero (Call Me By Your Name.)

Amid intense backlash from the Internet, Nike immediately released a statement denouncing the custom sneakers and even filed a complaint in court to get the shoes off the market.

TMZ is now reporting that a judge has granted Nike’s request for a temporary restraining order against MSCHF whichwill block the retailer from selling or shipping out orders of the “Satan Shoes.”


Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” likely won’t be on the feet of any of his fans soon, because Nike got a judge to shut down the selling of the controversial footwear … at least temporarily.

The court granted Nike’s request Thursday for a temporary restraining order against MSCHF — the company producing the shoe inspired by the rapper — which blocks it from fulfilling any orders.

Due to the restraining order, MSCHF will not be allowed to ship them to customers awaiting the shoe that the creative agency put their blood, sweat and tears in … literally blood!