Twitter Thread Of The Craziest Experiences People Had Tripping On Salvia Proves We Were Lucky To Survive The 2000s

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  • A ton of people shared their craziest stories about tripping on salvia in a hilarious Twitter thread
  • The psychedelic substance Had A Moment in the 2000s before society finally came to its senses
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In 1971, Richard Nixon managed to defy some pretty improbable odds after getting the United States involved in a conflict that turned out to be even more foolhardy than the one being waged in Vietnam at the time. I’m talking, of course, about the “War on Drugs,” a theoretically admirable and practically disastrous campaign that somehow continues to rage 50 years after it kicked off.

In addition to ruining the lives of countless people caught with largely harmless substances in their possession, the War on Drugs also played a major role in warping the worldview of generations of Americans who were force-fed heaping servings of misinformation and propaganda in programs like D.A.R.E. that arguably did more harm than good.

One of the many, many, many, many unintended consequences of the War on Drugs was the messaging that implied “illegal” was essentially synonymous with “dangerous,” which had some particularly notable ramifications. For example, if you were brave enough to smoke weed and didn’t see your life magically ruined immediately after you took your first hit, it was easy to wonder if the downsides of heroin were also exaggerated. However, plenty of people who were petrified of breaking the law opted to turn to some technically legal mind-altering substances capable of inflicting even more punishment than their federally prohibited counterparts.

That includes the K2 that has a reputation for turning users into zombies and the “bath salts” responsible for the retroactively wild number of incidents involving people transforming into bloodthirsty cannibals that dominated headlines at the start of the 2010s.

Prior to that decade, there was another “gas station drug” that reigned supreme: salvia. The psychoactive properties of the plant officially known as Salvia divinorum have a long history of being used in ceremonies conducted by Mazatec shamans in Mexico, but after the new millennium rolled around, it became the drug of choice amongst bored teenagers, Miley Cyrus, and twenty-somethings looking for a brief respite from the doldrums of life (many of whom uploaded videos showcasing its side effects to a novel new website called “YouTube”).

On Tuesday, I was treated to one hell of a blast from the past courtesy of a Twitter user who pined for that salvia-filled era and inspired other people to share their craziest experiences with the drug.

I’m still not entirely sure why salvia suddenly got so popular in the first place, but if you’re wondering why it fell out of favor, these stories about some trips that went very, very south should help jog your memory.

Fun times.

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