Story Of Man Unleashing Accidental Cricket Invasion In His House Is A Nightmare Scenario For Lizard Owners

For lizard owners you want to feed your beloved Panther Chameleons, Bearded Dragons, and Leopard Geckos the best diet to make sure they live a long, happy life. For owners of insectivorous lizards that means presenting a tasty plate of crickets for the dinner of their scaly pets. However, that means feeding your cherished reptile live crickets. This story of a man unleashing an accidental cricket invasion in his own house is a nightmare scenario for lizard owners everywhere and it was gloriously documented on Twitter for all to enjoy.

Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham tweeted out the story of ordering live crickets online and opening the box only to unleash a cricket horde in his house that rivaled the locust swarm in Egypt from the Bible.

The moral of the story is to buy your damn crickets from the pet store on not online.


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