People Sharing Cringiest Stories Involving A Bride And Groom Is A Reminder That Weddings Usually Suck

cringy wedding moments


The pandemic postponed just about every major event in 2020. No gathering with more than 25 people feels comfortable anymore.

Weddings were one of the first events to get canceled once the pandemic started picking up steam in early March. Couples began postponing nuptials until the Fall or even next year.

The only people upset about weddings getting postponed are the two people getting married. The rest of us are thankful because weddings are only fun for the bride and groom and sometimes single people.

For everyone else, weddings can be expensive, and often cringy, affairs.

People on Reddit are currently commiserating over their “cringiest” wedding memories. A few of these stories would make me walk out of the wedding reception immediately or at least drink to forget.

Here are a few of the most awkward moments.

Be Our (Creepy) Guest

Just Let The Professionals Sing

A Race To The End

Was This All At The Same Wedding?!?

Who’s Next?

Going Off Script

Potential Spam

A Bad Idea To The Core

This Idea Stinks

The Honeymoon Must Have Been Fun

But How Was The Cake?

Brotherly Love

It Didn’t ‘Work Out’

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