A Former Hacker For The NSA Gives 5 Crucial Tips On How To Protect Yourself Online

cybersecurity expert gives tips to prevent hackers

Tech Insider / YouTube

We’re living in an era where cybersecurity is just as important as traditional security because they’re one in the same. We do everything online. Banking, bills, sensitive communications. Hackers can devastate a life in minutes from a far-off location.

Former NSA hacker David Kennedy spoke with Tech Insider about ways we should ALL be protecting ourselves from hackers. He dropped 5 useful tips that each and every one of us should be using to protect ourselves and our businesses in our day-to-day lives:

Let’s recap those 5 tips:

1) Use two-factor authentication whenever you can online. It’s one of the most valuable tools in stopping hackers from accessing your sensitive data in an instant.

2) Don’t use the same password everywhere online. This one’s HUGE because it’s so easy to use the same password over and over. But this is one of the absolute dumbest things that someone can do online.

3) Always update the software on your computer. This one is something that a lot of people drop the ball on because updates take time and they’re only sitting at their computers when they need to work. Each new security update closes potential loopholes for hackers to access your device. Do your updates.

4) Be careful what you share on social media. Monitor your privacy settings on social media as well. Hackers can pick up a lot of information based on your social media profiles and that could help them break into your accounts. Be mindful.

5) Be careful when sharing personal information online. You need to be extremely aware of what you share online when it comes to your sensitive data. If you’re hacked, a bank representative isn’t going to call you and ask for your social security number. Hackers create a sense of urgency in these hacks to speed up the process and force you into making mistakes. Take a deep breath and notice whether or not things seem out of whack.

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