Dak Prescott, Cowboys Have Mind Blown By Same Goldfish Magic Trick That Fooled Aaron Rodgers

Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys Goldfish Magic Trick Oz The Mentalist
Getty Image / iStockphoto

Dak Prescott and Aaron Rodgers may not have a lot in common, but they are both equally as mind-blown by magic. That was abundantly clear while having their minds blown by the exact same trick.

Oz Pearlman, known better as Oz The Mentalist, is a mentalist and magician. He reached the finals of America’s Got Talent in 2020 and left the judges completely freaked out.

He did the same in New Jersey with a goldfish trick that left Rodgers baffled!

And then Oz The Mentalist performed the same goldfish trick in Dallas last week.

Pearlman swung by the The Star to entertain the Cowboys during a team meeting. Entertain might be the wrong word. Perhaps dumbfound or astonish is better.

The concept of the trick is simple. It just doesn’t make any sense how it occurs.

Dak Prescott was left speechless.

Pearlman asked Prescott to pick a playing card from a deck — only in his head — and hold the cards in his hands so that nobody could see them. Easy, right?

From there, Pearlman proceeded to guess the suite correctly. Eh, okay. That’s been done before.

Rather than stopping there, Pearlman actually went into the deck and picked Prescott’s exact card. Impressive, but nothing super out of the ordinary.

What happened next is the kicker!

Pearlman had one of Prescott’s teammates think of an animal. Any animal.

He chose a goldfish.

In that moment, Pearlman had Rodgers open his hands— in which he was keeping the deck of cards. But the deck of cards was gone. In his hands was… a goldfish! Insane.

Oz The Mentalist also performed another illusion that left Micah Parsons and Mike McCarthy in awe.

How does he do it?! Where did the goldfish come from?

Rodgers couldn’t figure it out. Neither could Prescott!