This Dancing Police Officer In Tennessee Is Spreading Incredible Vibes

Dickson Tennessee Dancing Police Officer


  • Officer McKay in Dickson, Tennessee has unprecedented vibes.
  • He stands outside of the high school each morning and dances gleefully as he directs traffic.
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Getting up and going to school is not always an easy task. The same goes for going to work as an adult.

The alarm goes off, you brush your teeth, grab some breakfast, and head out of the door. From there, there is crucial moment between getting in the car and pulling into the office or campus.

It can make or break your day before it even begins. You know that time period I’m talking about.

To get ahead of a potential poor start, one Tennessee police officer has made it his mission to begin every day with a smile. Down in Dickson, about an hour west of Nashville, Officer McKay stands out in front of the high school and dances the morning away.

A TikTok user recently captured a short clip of him shaking a leg and it is guaranteed slap a grin across your face.


This cop knows how to make everyone smile every morning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #36SecondsOfLightWork #lifeisgooddance #tennessee #backtheblue #dancingcop

♬ original sound – DJ Noiz

Quite a few people in the comments on the video compared the officer in Dickson to officer Farva from Super Troopers. They both bring incredibly good vibes to their job and, thus, pass them on to others.

Officer McKay is outside of the high school each morning and is never not dancing. He directs traffic when he isn’t boogying.

More importantly, he makes sure that the local kids get to school on time, safely and in a good mood.

The world is a lot better because of kind, joyful people like Officer McKay and we could all use a dose of his dancing in the morning.

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