Daniel Radcliffe Is So Insanely Jacked Now That Marvel Fans Want Him To Play Wolverine

daniel radcliffe in a leather jacket

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After seeing his new shredded physique in a recent episode of the TBS series Miracle Workers, movie fans are calling for Daniel Radcliffe to take on one of the most important roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Hugh Jackman is set to reprise his role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, heโ€™s now 54 years old, which means that the MCU is surely going to need a Wolverine of its own when they launch their version of X-Men.

And now that heโ€™s added serious bulk to his already diminutive stature, fans of the MCU are calling for him to take on the clawed mantle of Wolverine.

At this time, though, itโ€™s unclear exactly when Marvel Studios will officially introduce the X-Men into their universe. After all, despite the fact that itโ€™s now been four years since Marvel announced they were making a Fantastic Four film โ€” which is set to hit theaters in 2025 โ€” not a single member of the team has been cast so far.

In the decade-plus since the eighth and final Harry Potterย film hit theaters in 2011, Radcliffe has fashioned himself into an indie project darling through the projects heโ€™s chosen over the years.

Prior to winning the Academy Award for Best Picture for Everything Everywhere All At Once, directorial duo The Daniels previously helmed Swiss Army Man, which starred Radcliffe as a flatulent corpse. Heโ€™s also starred in projects such as Victor Frankenstein, Guns Akimbo, Escape from Pretoria, The Lost City, and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

In addition to Radcliffe, another actor whoโ€™s been frequently mentioned as a potential successor to Jackman is Taron Egerton, who is known for his work in movies such asย Kingsman (and its sequel, 2017โ€™s The Golden Circle), Legend, Eddie the Eagles, Billionaire Boys Club, Robin Hood, Rocketman, Tetris, and the AppleTV+ series Black Bird.