Danny Masterson’s Stepdad Says His Scientologist Children Lied To The Judge

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Danny Masterson’s stepdad Joe Reaiche says his kids, Jordan and Alanna Masterson, lied to the judge to try and help their half-brother get a more lenient sentence.

Masterson, star of That ’70s Show and The Ranch, was sentenced to 30 years in prison last week after being convicted on two out of three counts of rape.

Masterson could have been sentenced from anywhere between 30 years to life, but numerous letters were submitted to Judge Charlaine Olmedo asking for leniency, including requests by Masterson’s former That ’70s Show cast mates Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Debra Jo Rupp, and Kurtwood Smith.

Danny Masterson’s half-siblings Jordan and Alanna Masterson, both also actors and Scientologists like Danny, also submitted letters to the judge, trying to somehow explain away his crimes.

Their father, Joe Reaiche (Jordan and Alanna were born Jordan and Alanna Reaiche) found out about their letters asking the judge for leniency and was shocked to see that they laid blame at his feet and lied to the court about their lives with him as their father.

According to The Daily Beast, Jordan and Alanna tried to paint a picture in which their father abandoned them, while Danny served as a father figure in their lives.

“My son and daughter have very short memories about their dad,” Reaiche said.

In their letter to the judge, Jordan and Alanna claimed Joe abandoned them when they were 4 and 6-years-old.

“They make it sound like I walked out and abandoned them, and that Danny was the hero,” he said.

Reaiche also told The Daily Beast, “Carol [their mother] filed for divorce in 1995 in Los Angeles. Jordan was born in 1986. He was 9, not 6. There’s the first incorrect thing.”

Joe says he was excommunicated from Scientology for being a “Suppressive Person” in 2005. Danny’s mother Carol is also Scientologists.

“Jordan seems to forget that in 2004, he was getting auditing at the Celebrity Centre and it was going badly. Carol asked me to do an ethics cycle on my son,” said Reaiche. “So I did my thing, I straightened him out, and he did fantastic. So I was in his life in 2004, when he was 18. Danny even complimented me on it. I went to Christmas dinner with them at the house in Glendale that year, in 2004.”

Now Joe says he is probably going to have to sue his own children to clear his name.

“If they had said our parents divorced when we were 9 and 7, that would be one thing. But they say I left like I abandoned them. It’s bull****,” he said. “They perjure[d] themselves.”

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