Daredevil Raccoon Scaling 9 Stories And Then Leaping To The Earth Is The Best Action Movie You’ll Watch Today

The raccoon has a scientific name of procyon lotor, which is neo-Latin for “before-dog washer.” The word “raccoon” is an adaptation of what the Powhatan American Indian tribe from the Virginia area described as “animal that scratches with its hands.” Raccoons are also known as “trash pandas.” Now for crash panda.

A brave or maniac raccoon climbed a building in Ocean City, New Jersey on Friday. The little dude made it nine stories up the side of the building and seemed to say, “Fuck it.” Video captured by Micha Rea, a South Carolina resident, saw the coon leap from the building and plummet all the way back to the Earth. Micha almost messed up the money shot because she was too busy recording the boring bicyclists on the boardwalk instead of the suicidal coon.

Does whatever a spider-coon does!
Can he swing from a web?
No he can’t.
He’s a coon.
He is the spider-coon!!!

Thankfully the raccoon lands on some soft sand and sprints away like he didn’t just fall nine stories. What set this raccoon over the edge? Did his wife leave him and took the kids? Did his favorite garbage can close down? Was the nocturnal life torturing him?

This individual explained the scientific reasons why the daredevil raccoon survived his crazy fall.

People had some astute observations about the flying raccoon.

This is still a better action movie than Battlefield Earth.