Dave Chappelle Surprised A Couple Of Ticket Scam Victims With The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Possible

Dave Chappelle gives fans tickets

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Back when I was in college, my friends and I made our annual pilgrimage to an amphitheater tucked away in the beautiful gem of a city that is Hartford, Connecticut to see Dave Matthews and his merry Band of musicians.

We arrived at the single hotel room the six of us were sharing with all of the necessary tailgating supplies, although there was one minor thing we still hadn’t gotten around to buying yet: tickets to the concert itself.

After scouring the parking lots, we came across a guy who looked like he had absolutely no business being within five miles of a DMB show. Looking back, that probably should have been a red flag but that didn’t stop us from not stopping to think when he offered us lawn tickets for $10 under the retail price.

As I would learn in a few minutes, the reason he was able to sell them for so cheap was because he only had to shell out however much it costs to print out fake tickets that are convincing enough to make drunk college kids think they’re real (which isn’t that hard to do).

As a firsthand victim of a ticket scam, I had nothing but sympathy for Eddie and Deidra Dickens after I heard they had lost hundreds of dollars after being duped into buying nonexistent tickets to see Dave Chappelle in North Carolina.

According to WBTV, Deidra spent $500 on four tickets with the intent of taking her husband to the show as a Valentine’s Day gift but never received anything after sending the Craigslist seller the money.

Thankfully, Chappelle swooped in to save the day like the problematic superhero from one of his recent special by surprising the couple with tickets to the show they thought they’d missed out on seeing.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.