Dave Grohl’s Been Releasing Covers Every Night For Hanukkah And ‘Hotline Bling’ Is A Certified Banger

To celebrate Hanukkah this year, Dave Grohl‘s partnered with producer/songwriter Greg Kurstin to release a new cover song every night featuring music from a Jewish artist. 8 nights, 8 covers. Tonight (Monday, December 14th) will mark the fifth night of Hanukkah which means we’ve been treated to four covers so far.

Grohl kicked it off with a cover of ‘Sabotage’ by The Beastie Boys, a song I’d easily put in my top 25 favorites of all-time. I never had the good fortune of seeing The Beastie Boys perform live in person but I was fortunate enough to see Phish cover this song a few years ago at SPAC in Upstate New York.

As you can imagine, the Foo Fighters‘ Grohl and Kurstin absolutely nail each and every one of these covers. There’s probably not a song in existence that Dave Grohl can’t play well but he’s also able to bring his own style to these covers which you can see in ‘Hotline Bling’. The other two covers include ‘Peaches’ and Mountain’s ‘Mississippi Queen’.

I can’t imagine any better way to kick off your week than these covers. Here they are in order from Night 1 through 4, and I’ll add Night 5 later today/tonight whenever they update the YouTube channel with the new one. First up, The Beastie Boys:

Nobody saw this one coming on Grohl’s list of covers but it just works. Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’.

The real ones out there will remember how great this next track was on Guitar Hero when you were 12+ Natty Ice’s deep on a Friday night.

‘Peaches’ was definitely another unexpected track. This one has me stoked to see what comes next because really anything and everything (from a Jewish artist) is in the running

Any guesses on what Dave Grohl has in store for the final four nights of Hanukkah? You can hit me up on Twitter at @casspa with your predictions.