Crank Up This Cover Of ‘Enter The Sandman’ Played As If It Was A David Bowie Song

Looking for some fresh new music to send you off into the weekend? If you were a fan of the late great David Bowie’s music then you’ll love this cover of ‘Enter The Sandman’.

It comes from the Ten Second Songs YouTube channel and it’s all up in my head now. I’ve been listening to this on repeat this morning and I’m not sure there’s any end in sight for me.

I’ve gone ahead and set the YouTube video to start around the 1:30 mark because the intro here is unnecessarily long. If for any reason the video doesn’t start 90 seconds in then I’d suggest just skipping ahead because that’s around the time the music begins.

This is a pretty cool collaborative effort between a few musicians that’s been spliced together for the final song as we see and hear it here, and I wish we’d see more of this on the Internet. Random strangers getting together to make great content together.

I guess, what I’m trying to say here, is if anyone wants to just pretend to be me for eh day and write a bunch of Pulitzer-quality articles I’d happily take the day off.

Getting serious for a moment, if you ever come across songs you love on the Internet and think I should feature them her eon BroBible you can always hit me up on Twitter at @casspa or email at and if it’s good I’ll happily share them here!