Pink Floyd Guitarist Returns To Roman Ruins Of Pompeii And Shreds ‘Comfortably Numb’ 45 Years Later

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45-years-ago Pink Floyd recorded a live concert that’s remembered as one of the greatest in Rock-N-Roll history. Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii was a 1971 live concert documentary that saw the band performing at the ancient Roman amphitheater in Pompeii, Italy, one of the most surreal concert venues imaginable.

45 years later, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour returned to the ruins of Pompeii, a city that was once buried underneath volcanic ash, and he absolutely shredded his way through ‘Comfortably Numb’ at the same sight his band performed decades ago.

The footage was recorded in 2016, according to Jam.Buzz, as part of a live concert DVD released by David Gilmour. The clip uploaded to Gilmour’s YouTube channel today and it’s absolutely spectactular, from the music quality to the light show to the unbelievable surrounding Roman amphitheater. Here’s the clip, but I’ve also thrown in some footage of Pink Floyd’s 1971 live concert below so you can check out that original concert in Pompeii as well.

It really pains me that I’ll never get to see Pink Floyd live. This is a band that I’ve loved since before I was even old enough to appreciate their level of music. I remember cruising around in my dad’s car as a kid and he’d crank up their songs anytime they came on the radio.

Here’s a clip from Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii, recorded in 1971. In this, they’re performing ‘Echoes’.

Kind of makes me want to go back and watch the full live concert from 1971.

(h/t Jam.Buzz)

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