The ‘Deadwood’ Movie Could Start Filming As Early As Next Fall

by 1 year ago

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You don’t often hear it mentioned among the likes of The Wire and The Sopranos, which makes me think it’s safe to say Deadwood is one of the most underrated shows to ever air on HBO. While plenty of westerns had come before it, none of them had managed to capture the lawlessness and brutality of newly charted territories like Deadwood did.

The show was canceled in 2006 after a three-season run, leaving plenty of questions left unanswered and a number of plot points unresolved. Rumors of a Deadwood movie have been swirling for the past few years, and plenty of people got their hopes up after it was announced the show’s creator David Milch had finished the script. Earlier this summer, HBO executive Casey Bloys claimed the network was working on making the project a reality, saying:

“The one thing that I was concerned about was I wanted a script that would stand on its own— that if you were a Deadwood fan it would make you happy, and if you had never watched Deadwood you could still enjoy it. David [Milch] totally delivered on that. I think it’s a terrific script. If we can do it on a budget that makes sense for us, and if we can get the cast together, we’re inclined to do it.”

If TVLine is to be believed, fans’ dreams might soon become a reality. HBO is reportedly looking to start production on the movie next fall, so while it might not be time to break out the canned peaches just yet, it’s nice to know there’s still hope on the horizon.