Huge Deer Jumps The Window Of A Long Island Salon And Completely Destroys The Place While Everyone Panics

People were having a peaceful day at the Hair Salon in Lake Ronkonkoma (Long Island), New York when all hell broke loose in an instant.

Everyone was just going about their business. Some were cutting hair. Others were getting their haircut. One woman was sitting on the couch. Then out of nowhere a massive buck leapt through the glass window, shattered it and sent broken glass flying everywhere, and proceeded to demolish the salon.

Meanwhile, everyone went from a peaceful salon atmosphere attitude to ‘Holy shit! What do we do? Get it out?!? What do we do? Holy Shit!’ attitude in an instant. Everything happens in a matter of seconds with the deer smashing the window, destroying the salon as it panicked its way around the room (out of sight), and then it smashes its way through the glass door on the way out because the broken window was apparently not a great exit option at that point.

The dude getting his hair cut in the chair is a possible hitman or bodyguard. He goes about his business as if this is the umpteenth time his life has been in danger that day while everyone else loses their shit.

The entire time I was watching this I found myself wondering just what in the hell possessed this deer to jump through that window and flip everyone’s world upside down in an instant. Was the deer drunk? Was it all jacked up on that Zombie Deer Disease? Probably not. But something definitely sparked this bizarre incident to happen. Deer don’t just jump through windows for fun. Anyway, here’s the wild incident from Long Island:

Initially, one of the people in there thought it was a car:

“In my mind, I’m thinking the worst, that a car just drove into a salon,” Heredia told NBC News.
But when she looked over, she saw the six-point deer.

“I just started screaming. I didn’t even know how to react,” Heredia said, who added her salon isn’t near woods and doesn’t know from where the animal came.
The deer smashed through the salon window over a customer’s head who was seated on a couch and sprinted into the break room, she said. On their surveillance video, Heredia and a client can be seen trying to hide from the animal.

Heredia said the break room is small, and eventually the deer left. As the animal ran out of the salon, it got a hair iron stuck to its antlers, she added. (via NBC News)

What a shitty incident for everyone involved but the spectators. Sure, this looks great on the security camera and it makes for an awesome news story but that deer could’ve likely sustained serious and potentially life-threatening injuries from the broken glass and/or sliding around that room.

The salon patrons probably all pissed their pants. And the salon owner now has to go through a massive dispute with the insurance agency (probably) on how to get those damages paid for.

The report on NBC News claims the deer only sustained ‘minor injuries’ but it’s unclear how that was determined and/or who made that determination.

For more on this story, you can click here to visit NBC News.