This Diesel Truck Exploding Into A Fiery Inferno Is Why You Shouldn’t Rev The Engine Too Hard

diesel truck explodes dynoing fireball

iStockphoto / koyu

  • The 2021 Ultimate Callout Challenge got real in a hurry
  • A power diesel truck’s engine exploded into a fireball in front of shocked spectators
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Spectators at the 2021 Ultimate Callout Challenge at Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, Indiana did NOT expect to see this power diesel truck exploded. The driver revved the engine too hard and within an instant, there was a fireball the size of a swimming pool.

I think it’s fair to say that nobody in that crowd expected diesel truck shrapnel to come flying at them in the bleachers. Truly, nobody expected that to happen and it’s semi-remarkable that nobody got hurt.

The guy at the :50 mark in the video also deserves a shoutout. After the video pans down to some shrapnel by their feet it pans over to a guy holding a big chunk of shrapnel with his multi-tool. You KNOW that dude has been waiting his entire life to put that multi-tool to use and he finally got his shot.

For anyone that isn’t sure what that diesel truck was doing, let me explain. It was during a Dyno Competition. Dynoing Tuning measures the output of a vehicle (including horsepower, torque, etc).

A Dyno Competition is a ‘stationary race’ where vehicles are trying to produce the highest performance rating on the dynamometer. Trucks and cars can push themselves beyond their capacity and that’s exactly what happened here.

Here is another video from a Dyno Competition last year where a truck exploded. This one is freaky because you can cleary see how close some of the spectators are:

If you are interested in watching one of these Dyno Competitions for yourself or competing it’s not that hard. Just pop on Google and look for one in your area.