Bud Light Sent A Hilarious Cease And Desist To A Craft Brewery Making A ‘Dilly Dilly’ Beer

Another week and Bud Light’s Dilly Dilly continues to take the nation by storm. As Dilly Dilly continues to explode in the culture, other beer brands are trying to fly close to the flame. I.E.: Modist Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Minneapolis.

The brewery planned on releasing an IPA today called Dilly Dilly. In their own words, it’s a “massively dry-hopped double IPA brewed with a “dilly of oats and English floor malted barley.” They claim it to be “ultra hazy, ultra soft, and a dilly of a good time.”

Except, like — That’s Bud Light’s catchphrase. So rather than getting buttoned-up lawyers involved, they sent a cease and desist in the most awesome way imaginable: By sending an Olde English town crier to the brewery to tell them to chill out with making the beer.

AB InBev also gave the brewery a pair of Super Bowl tickets since the big game is in Minneapolis this year.

Here the moment the old-school town crier barged in the brewery to make the announcement:

Let’s take a closer look at that scroll…

RIP, Dilly Dilly IPA. It was a good run. Good on Bud Light for not sending the Modist Brewing folks to the pit of misery.

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