What Is Dilly Dilly? How A Viral Bud Light Catchphrase Created An Outrageously-Fun Social Media Movement

by 7 months ago

Dilly dilly! Dilly dilly! If you’ve been to a bar, tailgate, sports event, or party in the last month, there’s solid chance you’ve heard someone say that phrase while clinking beers together in a toast. It’s a perfect example of marketing catchphrase going viral and it’s all thanks to Bud Light’s late August, Game Of Thrones-inspired “Banquet” commercial, which has received heavy play during the MLB playoffs.

It’s been years since a solid beer commercial catchphrase has taken the culture by storm. I’m pretty sure the last truly great one was Bud Light’s ultra Bro-y “Whassup?” commercials from the early 2000s. But “dilly dilly” is even better than that. Here’s why:

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