Internet Destroys Disney Adults Who Didn’t Feed Wedding Guests After Blowing Budget On Mascot Cameo

Story About Disney Fans Who Didn't Feed Wedding Guests Goes Viral

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  • A wild story about how a couple of inconsiderate Disney Adults decided to approach their wedding went viral for obvious reasons
  • Someone claiming to be the bride said she and her husband didn’t provide food to guests after deciding to devote their catering budget to a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie Mouse
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If you have the pleasure of being subjected to the long and drawn-out process that proceeds your typical wedding, there’s a very good chance you found out one of the biggest factors in ensuring you’ll be happy on what is supposedly your Big Day is doing everything in your power to make other people as happy as possible.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that the best way to make sure you enjoy yourself is to do what you can to make sure everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible. In my case, that meant splurging a bit to make sure my guests were treated to solid food and an open bar with a few top-shelf options during an otherwise modest reception (and also putting my personal issues aside and allowing the DJ to please the masses by playing “Love Shack”).

Of course, everyone has different priorities—including a bride who penned a now-deleted post on r/AmITheA—hole where she turned to the internet for some perspective after leaving a sour taste in the mouth of some of her wedding guests.

Why? Well, according to the post, she and her husband opted not to pay to give them any taste in their mouth by deciding “to not offer catering services/bar services” at the wedding. That choice might be somewhat unconventional, but it certainly isn’t unprecedented, so it seemed like they were somewhat justified in being annoyed that her aunt and some other guests were throwing shade on Facebook in the wake of the event—at least until you read about the motivation behind the decision.

It turns out the poster in question and her husband are both Disney Adults, and the amount of money they had allocated for their catering budget was very close to the $2,750 they ultimately spent to have…two people dressed up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse show up for 30 minutes (things get even worse when you realize the “food options” guests were informed would be available at the unidentified venue apparently included a number of vending machines).

As you can see, they didn’t get a ton of sympathy after the story went viral on Twitter.

Now, it’s worth noting this entire saga should be taken with a grain of salt, as Reddit has a long history of spawning borderline unbelievable stories concerning relationship issues that are virtually impossible to verify.

With that said, I want to believe.

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