Divers Searching For Missing Person Find Dozens Of Mysterious Sunken Cars

scuba diver with flashlight under water


Divers searching for a missing person near Miami International Airport discovered dozens of sunken cars which are suspected to be linked to criminal activity.

The cars were found when a group of volunteer divers investigating a cold case for a person who disappeared on their way to Miami International Airport.

“We have a case where someone drove from Pinellas County down to pick up their relatives at the airport, and then they disappeared,” Ken Fleming of Recon Dive Recovery told WSVN News. “So, in this spot, we’re near the airport, it’s a large body of water, it has easy access to get into, so we would target that as a potential foul play spot.”

Their search led them to the lake in Doral where they were shocked to “realized that we had 32 cars underwater,” said Fleming.

Underwater video shows several cars from various years covered in sediment. The divers marked the vehicles’ locations with buoys as they could be evidence in insurance fraud, stolen vehicle, or missing persons cases.

“We have a giant database of our own that we extract, where we go, ‘This person is missing with their vehicle in this general region of South Florida, and so, we have 40 that we’re targeting right now of folks that disappeared, anywhere from two or three months ago to 30, 40 years ago,” said Fleming.

The dive team says that they have found 60 vehicles submerged underwater statewide.

“It’s about providing answers for families where they don’t have them,” said Doug Bishop of United Search Corps, another one of the divers who investigated the scene. “Departments, respectfully, have to justify their use of resources, and when a case goes cold, we have the ability to step in. We don’t have to justify our use of resources, and we can help eliminate the drag on personnel locally. We can do this, we specialize in it, we can do it on a high level and do so as volunteers.”

Doral Police said through a statement that it “will continue to gather further information in the coming days and work with multiple entities to investigate this matter.”

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