Incredible Story Of How A DJ Wrote A Letter To Wyclef Jean In 1994 Then Met Him At The 2018 Grammy’s

by 1 year ago
Wyclef Jean performs onstage

Getty Image / Nicholas Hunt / Staff

The year was 1994, and before he was a big-time producer who worked with talents such as Q-Tip, John Legend, Nas, and The Roots, J.Period was just an aspiring hip-hop producer. At the time, the 19-year-old J.Period was awestruck of Wyclef Jean and he mailed a letter to The Fugees to ask about the meaning of one of their lyrics. For the young cats out there, there was no social media, meaning you couldn’t DM, tweet, or Facebook message your favorite celebrities. You couldn’t even contact anyone on Myspace because it wouldn’t be invented for another nine years. If you wanted to contact a famous person you literally had to write a physical letter and send it in the mail. Archaic, I know. He sent a letter to Columbia Records from an address he found on the back of an album. Somehow it made in the hands of Wyclef Jean.

J.Period, who produced “The Hamilton Mixtape,” actually got a response from Wyclef and The Fugees star called him on the phone. They spoke for nearly an hour. Wyclef called him “The Kid.” Then in 1996, Wyclef gave “The Kid” a shoutout in the lyric on “The Score.”

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