Camera Captures A Dog Nearly Burning His Owners House Down In A Reminder To Clean Ya Dang Kitchen Up

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not the best at keeping my house clean when I’m left to my own devices. In college, I wasn’t exactly the roommate who was constantly advocating for cleaning up the kitchen at the ass crack of dawn every morning after we’d throw a party.

With that said, when it comes to my dog I’m one of the tidiest people on the planet. Baths on the regular, bowls exhaustively cleaned after each and every meal, and ever since I got a dog of my own years and years ago I’ve transformed into one of the people who keeps everything pretty orderly around the house mostly because I want to try and avoid a situation like what we’ve got below.

This dude’s security camera picked up footage of his dog, one of his two German Shepherds, nonchalantly turning on the stove and nearly burning the entire house down. If you own dogs you might already have a motion-activated security camera at home and you might’ve seen them do some crazy sh*t when you’re not around. If you don’t have a camera already (but do have dogs) then this might freak you out more than a little.

I love a good gas burner but after watching this video, holy hell, I never want to have gas burners in my home again. The thing about owning dogs is once you have them you can’t ever go back to not having dogs in your home. It just feels to empty.

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I can 100% live without gas burners. Heck, I’ve got convection burners at home these days. Sure, every dog is different and some are a lot more mischievous than others but I’m not trying to show up one day and find my house in a pile of ashes.

(h/t Extra Mustard)

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