Owner Surprises Dog In Cancer Remission With 100 Giant Tennis Balls And Saying The Dog Is ‘Happy’ Is An Understatement

owner surprises cancer free dog tennis balls

YouTube / Rocky Kanaka

Anyone who’s gone through the anguish of a sick pet knows the experience is as awful as a human being ill.

If a person pulls out of illness, there’s generally a celebration.

Rocky Kanaka, the host of the YouTube show Save Our Shelter, decided to give his dog Flip something better than a party for being cancer-free.

Kanaka bought Flip 100 GIANT TENNIS BALLS to celebrate the good news.

Flip is a rescue boxer Kanaka took in after a breeder dropped the dog off at a shelter. The breeder couldn’t sell Flip because he was sick with what was later diagnosed to be a cancerous tumor.

Kanaka eventually got surgery for Flip, and after a lengthy recovery, the boxer is fully on the mend.

The YouTuber stacked the tennis balls into a pyramid in the backyard while Flip waited inside, unaware of the magic happening outside.

Kanaka jokes that he thought it would be a bigger deal when he contacted a company to buy 100 massive inflatable tennis balls, but the company didn’t respond and just sent the order.

Luckily, Kanaka had help blowing up the balls – his pregnant wife and a handheld pump.

After the duo finishes the massive ball pyramid, Kanaka lures Flip outside and unveils the tennis ball mountain.

The dog seems a little oblivious at first, concentrating only on the ball Kanaka threw outside to lure Flip out of the house. Eventually, the pup realizes the balls are all for him to play with and proceeds to go buck wild.

Check out the entire happy day down below.

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