Vince Vaughn And Don Rickles Eat Dinner, Bust Balls, And This Is My Favorite Interview About Comedy In Years

Don Rickles was a Comedy legend. He was best known as an Insult Comic because he could pinpoint someone in the audience and roast that person on the spot. He was also an actor, author, and prior to his passing in April, he was working with the AARP in an amazing new video series titled ‘Dinner With Don’.

The ‘Dinner With Don‘ series hit YouTube yesterday, and I’ve included the ‘Vince Vaughn Goes Old School With Don Rickles’ video above because it’s currently trending on YouTube and it seems to be the one that people are enjoying the most, but I think you need to check out the clip(s) below as well. Don Rickles sat down with Snoop Dogg, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Judd Apatow, Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorcese, and a whole lot more.

All of the episodes can be seen on ‘DinnerWithDon‘. Here are a few of those videos so you can get a taste of just how good they all are:


It’s a darn shame that Don Rickles didn’t live long enough to see how successful this video series turned out. I also feel like it’s worth mentioning here that despite being an organization that is definitely not geared towards millennials, the AARP consistently puts out some of the best content on YouTube. Seriously, follow this ‘AARP’ link and check out some of the videos I’ve shared from their channel in the past. They cover War History in a way that no other YouTube channel out there can come close to.