Dr. Fauci Abandoning His Mask At The Nationals Game Has Ignited Angry Goatee Twitter

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We’ve reached the point in the pandemic where wearing a mask is viewed by many as a weakness, the kowtowing to the iron fist of…science.

Refusing to wear a mask has become a statement that says: “Own the libs” or “I stand with Florida” or “My home has wheels.”

The No Mask Brigade salivates at any opportunity to chalk this pandemic up to a fluke, and they got a huge win Thursday night courtesy of the one man they’re determined to undermine.

Dr. Anthony Fauci threw out the first pitch on Opening Day when the Nationals hosted the Yankees, and did so with the accuracy of the reported COVID numbers coming out of China.

Forgive the man. He’s 79 and just recently became a sex symbol. That’s a lot.

After leaving a ball divot halfway to home plate, the Disease Deity and his guests watched the Yankees pull out a 4-1 win over his Nats.

Fauci, who just hours ago told NPR that masks are an important component to fight COVID, was filmed pulling his mask down like he was at a Floridian Waffle House. He was also basically sitting on the laps of his guests, which wouldn’t be too weird if there wasn’t 41,000 empty seats and he wasn’t telling us to abandon our grandmothers for four months.

Fauci’s wife eventually pops her top off like she’s pandering for beads at Bourbon Street.


Needless to say, White Guy Goatee Twitter was not happy with the optics.

Fauci, my brotha. Wear the mask. Optics and symbols are more important today than reason. This is Infectious Disease Expert Notoriety 101.

If not for the perception, wear it to prevent another Boomer trying to Mike Alstott his way into a Walmart.

I give it nine minutes before my dad texts me a photo of a maskless Fauci and tells me why his expertise about stopping a pandemic is better. He works in construction.

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