Dr. Fauci Could Not Possibly Care Less That He Has His Own Bobblehead, And You Have To Respect That

dr. fauci bobblehead

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I think every human on the planet dreams of one day getting their own bobblehead. Sure, you can get one made of yourself like Angela did for Dwight on The Office, but to have someone else just randomly make a bobblehead in honor of you, I think most people would agree that it is a big-time achievement.

Unless you’re Dr. Anthony Fauci, who made it very clear that he doesn’t care about the fact that a company has made him his own bobblehead.

Dr. Fauci joined Fox & Friends and host Brian Kilmeade simply asked him to ‘tell him more about this bobblehead’ but as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci doesn’t have time for that as he shook his head and explained: “I can’t get involved in that peripheral stuff.”

You can see Kilmeade get annoyed by the answer.

That my friends is a man on a mission. That’s also, most likely, a man that hasn’t heard about the bobblehead at all. Nevertheless, Dr. Fauci’s mind is clearly elsewhere and he doesn’t have time for any sort of small talk.

As for the bobblehead itself, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum is selling them with a portion of the money going to the American Hospital Association’s 100 Million Mask Challenge.

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